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March 26, 2021 2 min read

In the winter coats are an accessory we cling to for dear life, especially in the colder parts of the world. A good coat in the Midwestern United States, for example, is sometimes the difference between life and death on a day when the wind threatens to blow you right over and there are bits of ice flying in your face.

But what’s the use of outerwear in the more temperate seasons like spring and fall, when a bit of the functionality can bet traded for comfort and style? Here at Marco Polo NY, we’d like to make the case that a good light coat (wool-blend, perhaps?) can be as much a statement accessory as a fantastic pair of shoes. Read on to hear ideas and style tips!

Model wearing the black Elise trench coat in a cafe with a yellow table behind her, holding a shopping bag.

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If you’ve been in the fashion world for a while, you’re surely no stranger to the idea that spring is trench coat season. While trench coats and pea coats wouldn’t protect you in a blizzard, they are one of the most statement-making additions to your outerwear collection.

When the weather swings warmer (or cooler in the fall) and you’re looking for ways to layer without looking frumpy, a good coat should be the first thing you reach for. Bold statements like the Stella in sapphire (featured below) can become the centerpiece of an outfit when layered over neutral, fitted base layers and can either be dressed up with a pair of booties or styled more casually with chunky sneakers.

Model wearing the sapphire Stella trench coat and jumping in the street

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Neutral coats like the Harriet (shown below) can also become show-stopping style icons when paired with dark colors that provide a stark contrast to the lighter shade. With a darker coat, you’d do the opposite. When styling outerwear fashion, it’s also a great idea to choose a coat with some unique features, like Harriet’s hood. Great for rainy days too!

Model wearing the harriet trench coat in the street with the hood up

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At Marco Polo NY, we believe a great trench or pea coat should be the central accessory of all spring looks. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment down below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @mpnyfashion!

Kenzi Melody
Kenzi Melody

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