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March 12, 2021 2 min read

What’s that one thing that makes you feel like spring is finally here? Is it the smell in the air, the buds on the trees, or a change in the weather?

For us, it’s the colors. The grass comes alive again, crocuses open up, and the sky is a different shade of blue. You can sense spring in nature even before you can feel it.

When we were planning our new line at Marco Polo NY, we wanted to find a way to breathe spring into your wardrobe without being tacky or overwhelming. What’s the best way to do that? Colors, of course! The spring collection includes an array of gorgeous shades from quiet pastels to show-stopping bold statements. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites below. What’s yours?


Model wearing the lavender Lydia trench coat

Shop Zoe

This cozy, wool-blend trench coat comes in a perfect heathery blue that’s guaranteed to bring a breath of fresh air to any outfit. You can almost see the tulips blooming, right? This is one spring style expression you won’t want to miss. 


Model wearing the mauve Lydia trench coat

Shop Lydia

The mauve Lydia is reminiscent of swaths of heather on an English hillside. For those of us with softer and more natural style sensibilities, this coat will give any outfit the air of spring without being too bold. That touch of lavender changes everything.


Model wearing the red Alicia pea coat

Shop Alicia

Did someone say bold? The red Alicia is an everyday coat that’s bound to make a statement. The deep red color tells everyone you wish you were on a rainy sidewalk in London, but you’re going to dress for it no matter where you are. Pairs perfectly with booties and a steaming hot cup of tea.


 Model wearing the sapphire Stella trench coat

Shop Stella

Want to look like you’re getting dressed up without having to feel like it? Stella is the coat for you! We promise you’ve never felt anything softer. It’s like putting on a cloud. In bright sapphire blue, of course, because what dream doesn’t include a gorgeous, spring-inspired fashion statement?


Model wearing the ivory Elise trench coat

Shop Elise

Time to turn those dark winter colors upside down! The ivory Elise is a showstopper from top to bottom with clean, professional lines and double-breasted button closure. Elise will keep you warm and stylish wherever you go!

When your spring coat comes, we'd love to see photos! Tag our Instagram at @mpnyfashion and use the hashtag #InMyMarco!

Kenzi Melody
Kenzi Melody

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